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     This page provides a link to a new "TEST" website designed primarily to allow Rochester Area Officers and GSR's to collaborate and communicate more effectively as well as provide crucial information about our area meetings and events to the public.  It provides new features that support an interactive experience.  The purpose is to allow service workers to create and share pertinent Area information on-line (no special software or tools needed); thus, replacing outdated information clutter with more concise and accurate information in real time.  The hope is that this will either become our new website or be an addition to our current website for Area Members only. 

      To view the Proof-of-Concept site for RASC, please click this NEW SITE LINK  and use the credentials below which will provide "Read only" permissions (Everyone).  If you would like "Contribute" permissions (Area Members ONLY) for a richer experience using the new site, please sign up for a free Microsoft account HERE *.  Then, contact me at by sending me your new Microsoft account email address and your current service position and contact information.  I will then invite you to the web site by sending you an email to your new Microsoft account mailbox with a link to the RASC site. Click on the link and use the new Microsoft account and password that you just created to log in. 

     Members please fill out the feedback form on the site so that we can develop a consensus of everyone's needs and wants.  If you have any questions or encounter any problems please contact me at  Thank you!



Password:  123_ROCNA_1    


* How to sign up for a Microsoft account (Remember to use last intial for last name)